Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Reason Why Single Payer is the Answer to Health Certainty.

The idea that the free market will somehow maintain or improve the quality of health care, while competing with other companies and lowering prices, not only sounds impossible but exposes the entire U.S. population to a unworkable policy that would take years to repair. That will result in hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths, pain and suffering for an ideological whim that we all know in our gut won't work.

The cost just might be going up too, even with the competitive marketplaces. I've always felt that health care, based on profit, will result in businesses gaming the system and raising costs. That's why a single payer system is a better idea, no tricks and our government is accountable to us.
Vox: A four-year slowdown in health spending growth could be coming to an end. Americans used more medical care in 2013 as the economy recovered, new reports show. Federal data suggests that health care spending is now growing just as quickly as it was prior to the recession. More health spending can sometimes be a good thing: it might reflect more Americans gaining health insurance and seeking out needed medical care as the economy recovers. "If we cannot get health care spending under control there's no hope for the federal budget," says William Gale, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. "The main hope, if we don't get health spending under control, is global warming gets us all before health care spending gets us all."
Don't let health care get us. Here's why single payer is the only answer:

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