Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Junk Policy Johnson's Health Care Nightmare...

The news media is doing a lousy job of exposing the lunacy of the Republican idea of health care. Their plan is decades old, and they're still getting a pass on it.

I hope to dash the myths surrounding their "patient centered" "free market" solution here, in as few words as possible, by dissecting Dumb Ron Johnson's comments the other day on Upfront with Mike Gousha. Credit to Johnson for being completely open about his intentions:

Johnson's plan: "Preserving Freedom and Choice in Health Care"
"Eliminate all the mandated coverage's...would actually protect patients and make health care more affordable...the problem with ObamaCare, it's so coercive. It's not about freedom and choice."
EXPOSED: Junk Policy Johnson wants you to pick and choose your possible illness or accident coverage based on your ability to pay. That's crazy right, especially for families? Pick wrong and welcome to bankruptcy.

Those "mandates" simply provide the basic coverage needed by everyone to have a little economic certainty.

Johnson and Paul Ryan call this "patient centered" health care, because the fewer things covered, the lower the price. It's similar to "buying insurance across state lines," where basic coverage is obliterated by those states that eliminate all the mandates. Feeling lucky? Pick your illness or accident, like Junk Policy Johnson suggests.

EXPOSED: Johnson loves high deductible insurance plans but hates the high deductible plans in the exchanges. Go figure. He even pokes fun at Obama's suggested "Copper" plans, that offer reduced coverage...yes, just like his own patient centered junk policies. Johnson cluelessly jokes:
"They have to offer a very substandard plan just to get the cost of health care down."
But that's Johnson's plan. Doh!

EXPOSED:  Socializing all the risk, and privatizing all the profits!!! That's what Johnson and other Republicans are talking about when they bring up "high risk pools." Taxpayers pay for preexisting conditions, while insurers get all the healthy people.

Junk Policy Johnson and Paul Ryan are hiding their intentions in plain sight, because the media never asks them to justify what are essentially junk policies.  Maybe I'm a little too frugal, but I want my monthly premiums to be worth something.

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