Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Believe it or not, Justice John Roberts echoes Glenn Grothman on Affirmative Action Ban!

You’re always hearing Republicans talk about that state’s rights thing, and how every state is different, so who needs the federal governments overbearing one-size-fits-all interference?

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision today, the more things change, the more they stay the same in Republican world. Add banning affirmative action to the list.

Let’s face it, Republican have a national one-size-fits-all agenda that includes trashing Common Core, wiping out teachers unions, killing public education, promoting vouchers, defunding higher education, deregulating business, corporate tax cuts, corporate welfare, streamlining DNR permitting, vaginal probes, activist conservative judges, voter suppression…what part of that makes each state different?

It doesn't. It’s a national policy duplicated in every red state.

Take State Sen. Glenn Grothman’s latest idea, stolen from Michigan’s own constitutional law banning affirmative action:
jsonline: In the wake of Tuesday's U.S. Supreme Court decision, one Wisconsin lawmaker is pledging legislation to ban affirmative action policies in the state. State senator and congressional candidate Glenn Grothman, a Republican from West Bend, said he would seek to bring back such legislation, which he has proposed in the past without success.

Grothman pointed to state and federal contracts going to businesses owned by women and minorities or to businesses with certain hiring or subcontracting practices for those groups. Those kinds of requirements and targets are "divisive."
You know something is wrong when Glenn Grothman is giving us the same argument as Justice John Roberts. You read that right:
Justice Roberts: "...it is not “out of touch with reality” to conclude that racial preferences may themselves have the debilitating effect of reinforcing precisely that doubt, and—if so—that the preferences do more harm than good."


  1. It's another strand in the fabric of the John Birch Society philosophy: no taxes, no unions, no regulations,etc. Substitute the word 'communism' with 'socialism' and they are mirror images. The JBS is alive and well, only it's called the Republican and Tea Parties, one of the main players in their success is an unelected self-appointed ringmaster, one Grover Norquist.

  2. you should read up on a case in Memphis. The Shelby County commission has blocked two projects because they do not meet the minority participation requirements. Well not exactly that they don't meet the requirements, but that they are using the wrong minorities to meet the requirements. Democratic war against Hispanics and white women that no one is really reporting on.