Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sheriff Clarke, proud and humble friend of former Sheriff who wanted women as human shields in Bundy face-off.

It would seem only fitting that the most unqualified right wing sheriffs in Wisconsin, Milwaukee's David Clarke, received his just deserts for hitching his wagon to a bunch of anti-government zealots.
He must be a great judge of character. Poor guy is speechless too.
jsonline-Dan Bice: The typically loquacious Clarke has not responded to requests for comment on the situation and the organization that has called him a "modern-day hero." 

Victimized again?

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke is coming under criticism from his campaign opponent for his close ties to a fringe group that sided with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy in his face-off with federal officials. In fact, the head of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association — which named Clarke as the sheriff of the year for 2013 — even went so far as to suggest in two interviews that Bundy's allies use women and children as human shields in case "rogue" federal agents opened fire during the dispute.
He's Clarke and he' Proud:
Last year, Clarke said he was "extremely proud and humbled" for the award from the group, which seeks to organize sheriffs against the "tyranny" of the federal government. He touted the honor in a county press release and on his Facebook page. Clarke told the organization  that it had a "friend for life."
I'm still amazed Clarke has never been held accountable for his bizarre behavior, that includes providing minimal security for an Obama visit to Milwaukee, disguised campaign releases made to look like public service announcements, advice the public not to count on 911 so he could promote gun ownership, discontinuing early release, defying county budgetary reductions and actually guest hosting a conservative radio talk show. Nice nonpartisan job.

He's a crazy man with a gun.

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