Monday, April 28, 2014

The Best Supreme Court Justice the Club for Growth could Buy!!!

Well aren't they the lucky ones? It looks like all that money the Club for Growth spent getting Justice David Posser elected will finally pay off after all. Barring a recusal, which will never happen if know Justice David Prosser, this bought and paid for justice will show the public just how much confidence they should have in our politicized legal system. It's not much of a surprise though, since a one-sided conservative legal system is something the party has been promising for a decade.  
jsonline: A recent court filing raises questions about whether four of the state's seven Supreme Court justices can hear one or more challenges to an ongoing probe into whether a conservative group illegally coordinated with Gov. Scott Walker's campaign … legal ethics experts said Justice David Prosser should step aside in the case, adding others may have to do so as well.

In recent years, the club has spent about $1.8 million to help the four justices who make up the conservative bloc controlling the court — $400,000 for Annette Ziegler in 2007; $507,000 for Michael Gableman in 2008; $520,000 for Prosser in 2011; and $350,000 for Patience Roggensack in 2013. Those figures are estimates tabulated by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

In addition, the club was the sole funder of Citizens for a Strong America in 2011, and that group spent an estimated $985,000 that year to help Prosser. Both the club and Citizens for a Strong America were subpoenaed as part of the investigation ... the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2009 that judges must recuse themselves from cases when a party has spent huge sums to help them win election.

The club's level of spending in Prosser's 2011 race "is sufficient to warrant recusal in a case in which the club has publicly expressed a strong interest, on the ground that the judge's impartiality might reasonably be questioned," Gillers wrote in an email to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

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    Is there ANY case this guy can rule on?