Thursday, April 24, 2014

Scott Walker okay with Outside Group electioneering on his Behalf, but Outside Groups Protesting Act 10?

Scott Walker is now a big fan of outside groups having a say in governmental matters. That wasn't true when Walker falsely blamed what he described as a massive number of outside groups protesting outside the Capitol trying to effect Wisconsin policy.

And it looks like a California media group will be helping Wisconsinites make up their minds about our best choice for governor, and it won’t be Mary Burke.

For some reason this is okay for Republican “stand with Walker” voters, who will do anything to win, even ignore Walker’s jobs and business failures. They’ll show us!
jsonline: An out-of-state firm Target Enterprises is already reserving millions of dollars of TV air time for the final nine weeks of this year's general election.

Target Enterprises -- which buys media for Republican candidates and groups -- has indicated that it wants to book more than $1.9 million worth of time on TV stations in four Wisconsin media markets between Sept. 1 and Nov. 3 … nearly $800,000 in Milwaukee on behalf of its client during this short span and more than $600,000 in La Crosse, with lesser sums being reserved in Green Bay and Wausau, according to multiple sources. One good guess would be the Right Direction Wisconsin Political Action Committee, the local arm of the Republican Governors Association.

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