Friday, April 11, 2014

Former Republican Legislator Struggles with Real World DOT Budgeting! Principles don't Pave Roads?

It's an absolutely wonderful example of principled ideology running head-on into reality. I'm loving every second of it too. 

Walker's kick-the-can-down-the-road delayed road maintenance policy, and no tax pledge, doesn't solve problems. Seeing that it doesn't work the way he thought, former legislator Mark Gottlieb is getting the a taste of his own medicine. 
Biz Times: Despite more than $1 billion a year in road construction and hundreds of millions more on maintenance, Wisconsin’s transportation system is falling behind and facing a shrinking revenue stream. The department faces a $600 million funding gap in the next two-year budget cycle. And with Americans driving fewer miles in more efficient vehicles, it’s facing a 20 percent decline over the next decade in fuel tax revenues, the DOT’s single largest source of funding. “We are falling behind,”. That was the message transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb.

The Department of Transportation is one of Wisconsin’s largest state agencies, supporting all modes of transportation, including state highways, local roads, railroads, public transit systems, airports, harbors and bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
Dirt road revivalists are liking it. Scott Walker's election year property tax cut gimmick ride to reelection and bid for the White House is about to hit a bumpy road, if the Democrats bring it up. The harsh winter made things worse, leaving the states highway system in shambles. And things are only going to get worse:
A commission appointed by Gov. Scott Walker has identified a total of $6.8 billion that will be needed to fund road projects in the next 10 years.

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