Sunday, April 27, 2014

Walker Flip Flop!! Now running on the same Monthly Job Numbers he opposed and said were unreliable in Recall Election!!!

You know he's in trouble when you see Scott Walker brag about numbers he once denounced as unreliable. The contortions Scott Walker has to perform in order to minimize his disastrous jobs failure would be comical if it wasn't kinda working for him.

PolitiFact even pointed out Walker's flip flop:
Walker spokeswoman Jocelyn Webster pointed to monthly jobs estimates based on government surveys of a small sample of employers. Notably, over the last three years Walker has criticized the monthly numbers as unreliable, arguing for using the quarterly figures. Here, he does the oppositeBut the latest figures from the more-reliable quarterly census aren't expected out until June. 

Three years (2001 and 2008-09 in the Great Recession) saw big job losses in Wisconsin’s private market. And the state’s job total still hasn't rebounded to 2007 pre-recession highs. 
Of course the right wing is in denial:

So where is the Mary Burke campaign on this obvious switcheroo? Are they beating the governor up on this and other issues? Are voters even seeing just a little "fight" coming from the Democratic candidate? She needs to attack his incredible weaknesses, which in turn will draw out additional Walker excuses to that will make for great campaign ads.

Walker's lack of job creation is really big issue that points to what is an important ideological failure. That's not something you hold back from pointing out. If you cut nearly $2 billion dollars from education and other state spending, you're likely to see even a trickle of revenue as some kind of surplus. It's all strictly tax cut smoke and mirrors that keeps the property-tax-cut-happy public from seeing the upcoming cliff.

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