Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sean Hannity's support of Freeloader and Racist Cliven Bundy gets Skewered.

If you missed this take down of Sean Hannity, here it is from John Fugelsang:
“Sean Hannity’s standing up for a lawless, socialist welfare queen,” Fugelsang said. “Sean Hannity has one job: to keep people who were wrong about everything for the last 20 years thinking they’ve been right about everything. His show is like an IV drip for denial for the ‘get off my lawn’ demographic.”

Here's Jon Stewart's bit:


  1. Look out your window, Anon@5:52, someone's grazing cows on 'your' lawn.

  2. And your party leadership with its strict principled rigid doctrine praising free markets isn't the worst form of collectivism? It's usually called fascism.

  3. It is fascism. These aren't free markets. Anyone with half a brain knows that the purpose of free markets is to have true price discovery.

    Of course the Federal Reserve won't allow that to happen or else the banks will collapse, so they manipulate everything with QE and ultra low interest rates, I.e. Cheap credit (easy debt).

    Rest assured however, it will happen. The market always wins in the end. Not the stock market. That is going way down.

    I have no party. I have no lawn.

  4. And hey Sue,

    There is no such thing as "Federal land" once a territory becomes a state.

    One more thing... "STATE OF NEVADA" is a legal (and unlawful) corporate fiction. It is different than Nevada State.

    Ignorance and apathy = I don't know and I don't care. There seems to be a problem with both in this country.