Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Republican/ALEC State Sen. Vukmir will bring in Out-of-State Common Core Opponents to Shape our "Locally Controlled" Public Schools.

The following interview with Sen. Leah Vukmir goes back to February 18. 

The reason this is getting any attention at all stems from the phony outrage over the fact DPI transcribed Vukmir's interview with radio host Vicki McKenna. Outrageous right?

Look out! Out-of-state Control of Wisconsin’s Curriculum: What I found surprising was Vukmir’s plan to bring in outsiders to guide our state educational system, which remains a mystery to this day. Like repealing ObamaCare, they've got no real plan, just something much better. These outsiders are also, no surprise, opponents of Common Core. Gee, I wonder how that'll work out?

From a February McKenna interview:  
VM: All right. Who’s on the board? Who helps develop these standards?

LV: The subcommittees are where all the heavy lifting will be done; these are the individuals who actually writes the standards so these have to be experts. And that group will also have some non-voting members so that we can bring in some people nationally can come in and have oversight over the writing of the standards, people who may not be able to be there for the entire process of developing the standards but will have the influence over the creation of those standards because of their expertise.

VM: O.k. so people like James Milgram, for instance from Standford, or people like Sandy Stotsky who is an English language arts content expert.

LV: We had to find a way to make sure that individuals like that have input, but recognizing that they don’t live to create Wisconsin standards, so we had to find a way that we would be able to weave them into the process without, you know, making them have to move to Wisconsin while they’re being created, if you understand what I mean.
And how about a smidgen, or “element” of local control? From Vukmir's comment below, it looks like we'll have the appearance of local control. Remember, the Borg like structure of the Republican Party spans the country, swallowing up the individual identities of each state (they'll deny it):
VM: So this functionally puts Wisconsin back in control of Wisconsin standards, it puts Wisconsin back in control of Wisconsin testing?

LV: Well yes, and ultimately you know, that was the other thing we kept hearing is, where is the local control in all of this, and we wanted to make sure that we had that element of local controls.

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