Monday, March 3, 2014

Wisconsin Reporter Kittle goes partisan crazy over John Doe Investigations.

Despite its blatant right wing lean, Wisconsin Reporter’s M.D. Kittle has written a few decent pieces from time to time. Curious, I went to WR to see what Kittle had done lately. Below is one of Kittle's most recent hallucinations (part 27 of his 29 part series. Yikes!), and one of the most ridiculous stories yet on the John Doe investigation. 

Kittle’s and Bits: Here are some mind-bending examples of Kittle's right wing spin...uh, I mean reporting, that minimizes actual corruption under Scott Walker:
“…news headlines nationwide screamed of Gov. Scott Walker’s “apparent” knowledge of illegal campaigning…”

“…the Democrat-led Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office … quest for convictions fizzled out. Democrat DA John Chisholm and his prosecution squad … compiled six convictions, only two of them related to the original scope of the John Doe.”

“’I use this private account quite a bit to communicate with SKW,” Cynthia Archer, Walker’s administration director wrote … nothing contained  led to charges of illegal activity against Walker.”

Left-bending  American Bridge, a super political action committee … giddily announced it was launching a new website on Wisconsin’s not-so-secret John Doe probes.”
Leaking Double Standard: Wisconsin Reporter’s outrage over the first John Doe’s “leaks” is a bit disingenuous:
“…the judge of the nearly three-year “secret” investigation … Wisconsin’s not-so-secret John Doe probes … the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the recipient of so much leaked information from that probe.”
Almost laughable is Kittle’s mind blowing switcheroo and constitutional defense of right wing leaks: 
But unlike the previous John Doe, when so many conservatives seemed paralyzed by the investigation’s gag order, some on the right are speaking up and speaking out about what they see as an assault on their First Amendment rights. And they sound like they do not intend to go down quietly without a fight.
So much for what passes as "reporting" in conservative media. 
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