Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Outgoing State Sen. Dale Schultz sets the record straight on GOP Voter suppression laws.

While the Democratic Party has been sounding the voter suppression alarm for the longest time, people still tend to believe the one or two Republicans who've said the same exact thing. Such is the case with outgoing Republican Sen. Dale Schultz. 

On 92.1 FM The Mic, Devil's Advocates hosts Mike Crute and Dominic Salvia asked Schultz about this next round of voter suppression laws. Schultz does not hold back in this shortened audio:

Schultz: “I am not willing to defend them anymore … I’m just not and I’m embarrassed by this. It’s all predicated on some belief there is a massive fraud or irregularities, something my colleagues have been hot on the trail for three years and have failed miserably at demonstrating … It’s just sad when a political party has so lost faith in its ideas that it’s pouring all of its energy into election mechanics. We should be pitching as political parties our ideas for improving things in the future rather than mucking around in the mechanics and making it more confrontational at the voting sites and trying to suppress the vote.”
Al Sharpton's producer thought this was a big enough story to feature on the show:

More coverage on The Last Word, with John Nichols:

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