Monday, March 31, 2014

Walker's Wisconsin turns away jobs in Solar and Wind Industries.

Conservative voters must not be aware of all the jobs their party leaders are turning away every day because of their total dislike for wind and solar energy. The few that do know, are being told it’s a plot to destroy big oil companies for the more expensive green energy industry. And yet they’re okay grumbling about higher pump prices three or four times a year. Go figure.

Like I've said before, certain industries are well aware of Wisconsin’s 'red state" opposition to their business model. We’re open to only Republican approved businesses, and wind and solar aren't in that mix. From WPR:
Not exactly a new idea....
Wisconsin now trails all other Midwest states in megawatts generated by wind turbines. Jeff Anthony of the American Wind Energy Association says other states continue to ramp up their wind energy sector, while growth has slowed here. “For Wisconsin, due to some inconsistent policies and somewhat hostile business environment, we really don't have that much wind energy planned at this point.”

Changes in state energy policy would bring more energy jobs to the state, and more reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Anthony worries some of the 28 Wisconsin companies that make parts for wind turbines will relocate if the state doesn't become more pro-wind.  Alternative energy advocates also say Wisconsin is lagging behind on solar.
And while we wait to hear from at least one Republican who likes wind and solar, because it’s only a good idea if they say so, poor wayward Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin has already written a bill:
Sen. Tammy Baldwin is introducing legislation to use federal money to help high school students earn credits toward careers in renewable energy, which she said will help the environment and the economy.

Baldwin calls it the GREEN Act. Baldwin's bill would also let technical schools invest in green energy projects to power their own campuses, while serving as a sort of laboratory for students who would learn how to build and maintain the systems.

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