Monday, March 31, 2014

Koch influence in Kenosha School Board Race, Sly Protest of Americans for Prosperity and more Vicki McKenna BS.

Our outside electioneers, the Koch brothers Americans for Prosperity group, are now controlling campaigns all over the state. Think what they'll do for Scott Walker.  UPDATED HERE.

Is it just a coincidence that just after voter suppression rules were put in place, out-of-state campaign cash is suddenly flooding in, controlling our issues and candidates for public office?

Conservatives love this stuff, because winning is the bottom line. Like Padme said Star Wars 3, "So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause," or a Walker win.

Kock's in Kenosha School Board Race? It's hard to believe, but true:
Kenosha News: About 60 demonstrators voiced their opinion in front of the Kenosha Unified School District Educational Support Center ... The picketers carried signs critical of the Americans for Prosperity group … Guest speaker John “Sly” Sylvester of Madison talk radio WEKZ-FM 93.7 spoke to the marchers on a megaphone in an effort to “fire up the troops.”

I talked to Sly about the latest rantings from WISN's Vicki McKenna's. McKenna and Kristi Lacroix of AAE Wisconsin tore into Sly for "the bullying tactics used by the Kenosha teachers union at their recent rally." McKenna and Lacroix whined about Madison based Sly injecting himself into Kenosha's election, and yelling at Lacroix's 13 year old daughter. Not only did Sly deny that, he mentioned how Madison based McKenna was there the previous week. Oops.

How dare Sly protest the Koch brothers influence. Remember, citizen participation via unions, via radio hosts, via independent citizen voices is frowned upon by Republicans. Below, McKenna repeated the fabricated story about Sly "screaming" at Lacroix's daughter, which wasn't true. Does she ever confirm anything?

Dark Money and the Koch Brother Invasion: The Kenosha News wrote the following:
Americans for Prosperity … funded by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch … is getting involved with the Kenosha Unified School Board race.

David Fladeboe, state director of AFP, said the organization has a field team working on the race, doing phone banks and canvassing in the district … the group decided to become involved in the race due to the board’s approval of new union contracts … the group is interested in remaining active in Kenosha County beyond School Board politics, saying “We’ll be active in that corner of the state all year.”

Jay Heck, executive director of Common Cause, a Wisconsin campaign spending watchdog group, said Americans for Prosperity (are involved) in northern Wisconsin where the group has gone after opponents of a proposed iron ore mine … he had not heard of the group being involved in school board races in the state. He called the development “very, very alarming.”

“Obviously the teachers unions have always weighed in, but for the Americans for Prosperity to do it, boy, I have not heard of that in school board races,” Heck said. “It’s a new trend. It’s now in virtually every competitive congressional and legislative race, but now it’s county supervisors and city council members. And now school board members down in Kenosha,” Heck said. “It’s the nationalization of state and local politics in Wisconsin.”
Isn't that the tea party complaint about Common Core, which isn't true by the way. And while McKenna screams about liberal “dark money,” she never mentioned the Koch brothers on her program.
Groups like Americans for Prosperity spend on issue ads … they do not have to report who donates money to their organization. 
Cognitive Dissidence's Jeff Simpson posted this Robert Greenwald video showing what did happen under Koch brothers rule on the Raleigh, N. Carolina school board. I never heard about this outrageous horrific story, which is truly jaw dropping. This is what's really behind school privatization:


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