Saturday, March 29, 2014

Waterford School District Dumps Federal Lunch Program!!! Won't Pay for other kids lunches.

Now I've seen everything. I can't wait for this disaster to unfold.
Waterford school district drops federal lunch program: Students at Waterford Graded School District may notice a difference on their plate next year. The district has decided to opt out of the federal lunch program.
Monologues of Dissent discovered this incredible piece of clap trap libertarianism foisted off onto the Waterford School District area parents. From the Waterford Graded School District site, watch the actual discussion to avoid paying for someone else's kids lunch. You're on your own now kids...

I tried to include the TMJ4 embeded video, but it started to play automatically and featured the Republican Governors Association Mary Burke attack ad over and over. Click here to see how Act 10 is leaving public education up to losers like WGSD District Administrator Chris Joch. He isn't really in charge is he?


  1. Someone I know in a different school district told me their board was considering opting out because Michelle Obama was forcing the kids to eat kale, or something.

  2. The sick irony of watching a morbidly obese Republican complain about nutritional standards is only assuaged by the knowledge that he's probably carrying around enough arterial stents to trigger a metal detector.