Wednesday, March 19, 2014

After Pregnant Woman Shot, GOP Protect Gun Range from Liability. Another “free market” big government gift!

Shooting ranges need protection, not the general public? That's the first reaction from our ghoulish Republican majority. 

It must be so hard to survive in the “free market” without Republican style big government protection. I have to admit, this is the first time I've run across this legislative sop to gun losers everywhere.

The following legislation is another angry over-the-top GOP response to…believe it not, a pregnant woman getting shot outside a restaurant in Delafield by an errant bullet from a nearby gun range:
jsonline: Existing shooting ranges would be grandfathered in place and be free from new local ordinances as well as certain lawsuits, under legislation passed by the Assembly Tuesday. The proposal now goes to Gov. Scott Walker.
Just another law restricting the rights of local citizens. And unlike a real free market situation where no one is protected artificially from responsibility, Republicans continue their fantasy that consumers have an unfair advantage over businesses. This is so ridiculously sick:
The bill also makes the owners, board and employees of shooting ranges immune from lawsuits based on the negligence of a shooter at the range.

The legislation results from a case in Delafield in which a pregnant woman dining outside at a restaurant a quarter mile from the Hartland Sportsmen's Club was struck by a pistol round. The bullet created a bruise on her abdomen and scratched her, drawing some blood. She was treated at a local hospital; doctors said her baby was fine.
How do they sleep at night...I don't really know.

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