Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mary Burke still trails Walker, but still Early.

Here are a few important results from today's Marquette Law School Poll, jsonline:
Walker held a 48% to 41% advantage over Burke, in the latest Marquette University Law School Poll released Wednesday … Walker's job approval. 47% approved and 47% disapproved of Walker's performance.
Walker’s stagnant growth in Wisconsin is wholly dependent now on the national economic recovery, which ironically, might just get Walker reelected. Voters just aren't aware of Walker’s ideological failure or seem that concerned about his wildly outrageous jobs prediction:
54 percent said the state was headed in the right direction and 42% said it was on the wrong track, virtually unchanged from January … 80 percent of those polled said Wisconsin will not meet Walker's target of creating 250,000 jobs by the end of 2014, while 13% said the state would add the jobs … how important their vote would be on the issue of adding 250,000 jobs, 29% said it would be very important and 44% said it would be somewhat important … 49 percent viewed Walker favorably compared to 47% who had an unfavorable view of the governor  … 43% said they had a less favorable impression of Walker.

Early voting: 39% said three weeks with three weekends; 27% favored two weeks with one weekend; 20 percent favored no early voting.

53 percent said local government should be allowed to regulate sand mines, while 35% said the state should be in charge of the regulation.

63 percent supported a raise in the minimum wage while 33% were opposed.

42 percent said use of marijuana should be legal while 52% said it should be illegal.

Support for gay marriage was strong … 48 percent backed marriage for gay couples, while 24% supported civil unions. 24 percent said there should be no legal status for gay couples … 36 percent would continue Wisconsin's constitutional ban against gay marriage, while 59% favored repeal.

8 percent of people said health care reform should be kept as is; 52% said it should be kept and improved; 18% favored repealing and replacing the act; and 18% wanted an outright appeal.

Rep. Paul Ryan was viewed favorably by 39% and unfavorably by 35%.

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