Thursday, March 13, 2014

Walker in Full Panic Mode, Changes Staff!!!

Rasmussen Poll numbers showing a virtual tie with Democratic challenger Mary Burke (45%) prompted immediate Walker staff changes. Of course none of this is on Walker's radar, it's jobs, jobs, jobs....


  1. And right after Walkergate figure Brett Davis resigns to "go to the private sector." Then you see Dee Hall's top-of-the-page article in the State Journal on John Doe, and things must be quite frantic down at Friends of Scott Walker these days.

    Shoot, imagine if Burke and the WisDems were actually running ads on this corruption and, you know, playing to win.

  2. Agreeing with your last point Jake.

    Team Burke,"putting politics aside and focusing on solving problems," will be fine if and when they win the election. Walker losing ground and Team Burke claiming they've, "closed the gap," is ludicrous.

    They still need to say something to get people out to vote and they are not doing so at all.

  3. NQ- And what's odd about this is that Burke backs things like Medicaid expansion, marriage equality, independent redistricting, and other things that make people WANT TO VOTE FOR HER. So why aren't they saying it, and why aren't they a creaming about "voter suppression?"

    Put this corrupt administration on the spot for what they support. They're already scrambling and flailing at WalkerInc. before the Dems challenge them. Go for the early knockout, and make these guys unacceptable

  4. She has to be strategic. Not hit him too early with too much negativity. Walker is sunk on so many things he bragged about 250 k jobs - nope. Medicaid coverage - nope. Affordable health care - nope. Property tax freeze - nope. Making John Doe 2 go away - nope. Burke will slaughter him in a live debate. He does not have the speaking skills or intellect to battle her there. Then if Burke is smart , she will knock him off talking points so hard that his vulnerability is clear. I say play it cool until summer and then start laying down the hammer at event after event. Team Walker is going to freak out. And he keeps hiring these no name young girls whom he probably pays horribly - so don't expect too much from team dumdum.

    1. I hear what you're saying, Anon, as there's 7 1/2 months left, but I also think you can bury Walker with nearly 50% of the electorate right now by showing the pattern of corruption and scumminess. Then you win the remaining 10% that's undecided by showing Walker has failed to achieve any of his goals on the economy, other than screwing working people and giving it to the 1% and politically connected.

      The casual voter won't remember the corruption unless it's hammered into them early and often. Make it so this election is not a "choice" election, but one where they refuse to allow Walker to be kept around

  5. Of added significance here is the underlying fact that Laurel Patrick replaces Tom Everson. Everson vacates the public payroll because he is chosen/shifted to be Walker's political campaign communications director. There really is no separation between the governor's office and his campaign, it's just a matter of image and deception that they are not one and the same.