Monday, March 10, 2014

Bishop Morlino hates Liberals and the message "all are welcome."

Making the Roman Catholic Church an arm of a political party, let's say the racist and bigoted Republican Tea Party, you're exposing an entire religion to the whims of whatever is politically popular at the time. That can't be good. 

Yet the right wing partisanship of Bishop Robert Morlino, with his political pot shots at liberal believers, is the kind of thuggery we're seeing the Catholic church push here in Madison.

I've highlighted this neanderthals bullshit:  
State Journal: The pope … often talks about keeping the doors of the church wide open and used the metaphor of the church being a field hospital after a battle, treating the wounded. How does that jibe with your recommendation to priests a few years ago to no longer use the Catholic hymn "All Are Welcome" at Mass because you felt only people who follow God's will as spelled out by the Catholic Church are truly welcome?

Bishop Morlino: What I'm talking about is when you get a congregation singing "All Are Welcome," they might mean, no matter how much you oppose the truth of Jesus Christ, you're welcome here because we're very open to the fact that you're going to try to change us. When people sing "All Are Welcome," what they really mean, frequently, is that people who publicly dissent from the teaching of the church and work constantly against the teaching of the church should come in here and maybe we could increase their number. When people sing "All Are Welcome," frequently it's political, in fact. There's a sense in which all are welcome, but I would submit that means, in fact, political liberals are especially welcome. And when a congregation is singing that song and meaning it like that, I don't think that's healthy for their salvation.

State Journal: So you're saying that in some parishes, it was becoming code?

Morlino: Yes, code for political correctness. "All are welcome" can become a synonym for diversity, meaning let's have same-sex unions, let's have a contraceptive culture, let's have abortions.

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  1. "racist and bigoted Republican Tea Party"

    Group-think much?