Sunday, March 30, 2014

Walker takes control of John Doe Investigation via Lawsuit by Wisconsin Club for Growth.

The Walker Authority is now showing what he could do if he were desperate enough (besides voter suppression).
Cap Times: Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm initiated the John Doe investigation that’s looking at campaign collusion between Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign staff and right-wing “dark money” groups that backed Walker in the 2012 recall campaign.

Now Wisconsin Club for Growth, one of the groups under scrutiny, is suing Chisolm for violating its free speech, freedom to assemble and equal protection rights.

Enter Walker:
And Walker gets to decide who Chisholm’s attorney will be and the attorney’s hourly rate, writes Bruce Murphy in Urban Milwaukee. Walker has erected a “Chinese Wall” between himself and the case, appointing his Chief Legal Counsel Brian Hagedorn, to make the calls.

“Hagedorn also gets to set a cap on the total amount paid to the attorney,” Murphy writes. “That is another way that the Walker administration may be able to control how much representation Chisholm and company receive.”
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