Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wisconsin is Ashley Furniture's Junkyard, and CEO Todd Wanek can't stand workplace and health care rules, says "this is what's going to kill industry...!"

Gee, a whole 118 new jobs were created thanks to corporate welfare. We even stopped taxing Ashley Furniture because big business doesn't need to pull its own weight anymore. Taxpayers even helped them with worker training. That old saying, “They built it” sounds a little hollow now, doesn't it? 

Oh, and that wetland Ashley filled in...they can do anything they want because so many families need those jobs. And the cycle can't be broken. 

Ashley Furniture is another corporate leach that won’t stop sucking this state dry. They're part of the entitled class of “job creators.”  LaCrosse Tribune
Ashley Furniture officials say Gov. Scott Walker was the reason they expanded the company’s Whitehall factory … CEO Todd Wanek said the $13 million expansion allowed the company to boost the plant’s payroll from about 400 to 518 workers since its completion. Ashley and the DNR came under fire from environmental watchdogs for a 2005 addition there that required filling 13.5 acres of wetlands. 

The governor cited initiatives such as a manufacturing tax credit, which will eliminate virtually all tax liability for production in Wisconsin by 2016, and worker training for helping keep companies like Ashley.
Conservative pirates like Ashley CEO Wanek see nothing wrong with trashing our state, openly resenting workplace safety and the health of their workers:
From a table of literature spread out for visitors, Ron Wanek grabbed a flyer decrying federal regulations, including environmental, workplace and health care rules, saying, “This is what’s going to kill industry in the United States.”
Add Ashley to the list of retailers I won’t be supporting anytime soon, Wisconsin company or not.

But I'm just scratching the surface. Check out the outstanding piece at Jake's Economic TA Funhouse detailing everything you ever needed to know about the Ashley Furniture/Scott Walker ties.   


  1. Walker and Ashley Furniture are longtime buddies. This includes Walker trying to deregulate the rent-to-own industry, allowing for triple- digit interest rates for people buying items from Ashley-related companies.

    The sleazy corruption is transparent, and you gotta wonder what was promised to have Walker show up there yesterday.

  2. Oh, and when the WEDC tax credits were announced, Ashley said they'd add 225 jobs. They barely added half that