Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sen. Erpenbach pushes back on Walker's Voter Suppression Reelection Campaign.

Scott Walker must be worried about keeping his job. Our normally uncommitted incidental governor can't stop talking about voter ID. Sure he may have already hatched a plan to get something in place by November, but holding a special session to secure his reelection is just too obvious a ploy.

And State Sen. Jon Erpenbach is doing everything he can to get the word out; Walker needs voter ID to win. The big hangup recently at the State Supreme Court centered on the cost of birth certificates. If Republicans try to offer up free copies, then I suggest everybody in Wisconsin get a new one. Hey, they're free.

The two clips here, one from WKOW and the other from WISC, show what a little fight can do to get the media and peoples attention:

Here's just a sample of voter ID hitting the fan:

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  1. I think democrats are more worried to
    see any kind of voter registration and ID's, that will cut into their total voters