Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wisconsin Congressmen vote to Raise Insurance premiums, drop 13 million from health care coverage!!!

The title says it all, and these are our “fiscally conservative” geniuses? Ideological purity before saving money or lives. Roll Call:
DELAY OF INDIVIDUAL MANDATE: The House on Friday passed a Republican bill (HR 4015) to delay the Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual mandate for five years and use $138 billion of the resulting savings to pay doctors for their treatment of Medicare patients. The bill’s delay of the individual mandate would cause 13 million Americans to lose their health insurance and raise premiums by 10 to 20 percent for those receiving coverage in ACA exchanges, according to the Congressional Budget Office. A yes vote was to reform Medicare-reimbursement policies while gutting the 2010 health law.
Voting yes: Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Petri, Duffy, Ribble
They're just looking out for your money...

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