Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Walker Campaign says Mary Burke's expansive Economic Plan similar to theirs, but will take us Backwards?

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke came out with a detailed economic and jobs creation plan the press apparently wasn't ready to receive. For years they did just fine not knowing what Scott Walker was doing, leaving those decisions up to our “leaders.”

The media got so lazy that even the dumbest Walker ideas were taken seriously.

Dumb Jobs Promise Litmus Test: Scott Walker’s promise to create 250,000 has turned out to be one hell of a broken promise, with the current count sitting at a miserable 103,000. 

And the press bought into this preposterous 2010 campaign promise. Here’s what the reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal wrote in two different parts of the article, like it really meant something:
"Burke discussed her plan at Marquette Law School … and it didn’t include specific goals for job creation similar to Walker’s 250,000 jobs pledge."

"While Burke didn’t promise a specific number of jobs that Wisconsin would create if she is elected, she did provide some numbers."
So Burke is criticized for not making the same foolish and desperate jobs promise to get elected as Walker? 

Burke’s Plan = Walker’s Plan, but Burke will move us Backward? Besides the noticeably embarrassing Walker promise to match Burke’s 40 page business plan (with lots of words I'm told, maybe in extra large font too like before), the Walker campaign claims Burke is doing everything Walker’s doing already, but will only move Wisconsin backwards?
Walker said in an interview that his administration has already been investing in different industries and venture capital.

Walker’s campaign said voters couldn’t trust Burke to help create jobs. “Mary Burke’s plan looks familiar because Governor Walker has already taken the lead on policies aimed at closing Wisconsin’s skills gap, lowering tuition costs, and improving the state’s business climate,” Evenson said.
But that “familiar” plan will not move us “forward” like Walker. Let's face it, you can’t trust a former business executive who hasn't been a career politician for the last 20 years:
“At the same time, Burke’s plan contains policies that would kill our recovery and take us back to the days of billion-dollar deficits, double-digit tax increases, and record job losses. Voters simply can’t trust Mary Burke on jobs.”
Because as the media never corrected, the job losses during the Great Recession were Burke’s fault.

The thugs that make up WISGOP are still doing their best 3 Stooges act with name calling and verbal eye pokes. Joe Fadness makes Reince Priebus look like a Rhodes scholar. You'll notice how the party of rugged individualism can't function without their leaders:
The Republican Party of Wisconsin released its own scathing version of Burke’s jobs plan with a website accusing her of failed leadership … the party’s executive director, Joe Fadness, criticized Burke for saying she wanted to bring outsourced jobs back to Wisconsin, saying that her former company was part of the problem. “Ironically, Mary Burke’s plan criticizes outsourcing, begging the question if she will follow her own advice and bring Trek’s 800 employees overseas back to the United States.”

Forget WISGOP loved outsourcer Mitt Romney or that Mary Burke had nothing to do with Trek's corporate decisions. 

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