Monday, March 17, 2014

Walker belly flops in Sesame Street Healthy Eating PSA.

I have a confession; I've always wanted to host a kids show with lots of talking puppets to make fun of. My best friend Gordy Young did just that for Fox 47, and I'm still jealous.

But there's one thing that's a given when working with puppets, no one can upstage you with better acting. Maybe better lines, but hey, there faces are frozen with fake fur, stuffing and usually a hand that just moves the mouth.

Scott Walker found a way to do the impossible; get outperformed by two Sesame Street second string puppets. Not only does he hesitate uncomfortably in his first line, he even sounds a puppet.
In two 40-second PSA spots, Walker in a Badger red hoodie yuks it up with Sesame Street characters Abby Cadabby and Rosita.
With his eyes glued on the teleprompter for his next short's Walker:

The other PSA is much better, but still has an uncomfortable moment where Walker looks less human than the two puppets. Will Mary Burke get equal puppet time, after all, this is an election year?

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