Thursday, March 13, 2014

Republicans caught in Lie. Now State Sen. Tim Carpenter is waiting for Republican Apology for mischaracterized "hating blacks and Latinos" comment.

My how the tables have turned!!

It looks like Sen. Tim Carpenter is waiting for an apology from senate Republicans who faked outrage successfully yesterday, fooling the media into believing he accused Sen. Mary Lazich of  "hating blacks and Latinos." In Carpenters press release:
Eager to move the conversation away from the substance of the bills, Republicans ran to the press stating that Carpenter accused Lazich of “hating blacks and Latinos.” Senators Darling and Farrow ran self-righteous press releases calling on Senator Carpenter to apologize.

Even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial board wanted an apology. 
"However, after being encouraged to look at the actual Wisconsin Eye video of the senate session, the paper admitted that it had erred, and apologized.

No, he did not say, as we originally thought, that Lazich hates blacks and Latinos, he did say that Lazich 'hates that blacks and Latinos are coming out ...' before he was interrupted. He told us Wednesday afternoon that he meant to conclude with 'to vote for Democrats.'

We apologize for the error. Accusing Lazich of hating that minorities vote for Democrats is not nearly the same as saying she hates black and Latinos."
Senator Carpenter said that he awaits an apology from Senators Darling and Farrow, for their slanderous accusations and gross attempts to mislead the press and Wisconsin voters.
Check out the WPR clip below, one of the only reports that actually featured the audio of what really happened. It's at the 1:09 point:

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