Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Oral Chemo Debate Exposes Vos and Kleefisch as the Ghouls we thought they were.

With the damage done in the assembly, the oral chemo drug bill now moves back to the senate for another vote. After adding an amendment requiring more of a cancer patients "skin in the game," the GOP calls that money, Republicans showed us who they truly were. When you have to go through this kind of hell to get something this simple passed, it's nothing short of scary.

My conservative friend in Milwaukee was noticeably upset when he called me, saying he just got off the phone with the governors office to tell him to line item veto the $100 monthly payment. He's been personally touched by family members who have had cancer, who had to stop working because of the disease. Knowing that, he knew patients didn't have the money to pay even $100. I never saw him this pissed off.

Having always been interested in understanding how conservative minds think, I found Rep. Robin Vos' methodical upside-down logic stunningly detached. The following audio clip also features Representatives Sandy Pasch, Joel Kleefisch, and Brett Hulsey in that order.

Vos used watching his grandparents battle cancer to take a shot at Democrats and the people they saw struggling with the disease. Vos then used the way his grandparents ran their business, balanced their books, made a profit, but still found a way to buy health insurance as sign of strength and character. Sad, other industrialized countries removed that unnecessary heart wrenching burden.

But my blood boils when Vos balanced oral chemo with making it "cost effective." He has the balls to say "the last thing we want is for anybody not to be able to afford insurance...!" Where has he been for the last 30 years?


  1. Conservatives live logically based on facts.
    Liberals live emotionally based on ignorance.

    In the end, both parties work together to screw you.

    See George Carlin.

  2. Death panels were based on facts? Climate denial based on fact? Unnecessary Vaginal Ultrasounds based on facts? Voter ID based on facts? Statewide voting hours based on facts? Opposition to Common Core based on fact Europe is plotting to dumb down U.S.? Opposition to sick leave passed by voters based on fact? Supply side economics based on facts after Great Recession? Opposition to gay marriage based on biblical "facts." Opposition to green energy based on facts?

    Corporate personhood based on fact? Opposition to letting Terry Schiavo die based on fact? Opposition to environmental protection based on fact? Talk of impeaching the president based on fact?

    Opposition to Social Security and Medicare as costs increase for seniors based on facts? Opposition to food stamps going to lazy people based on facts?

    Yes, Democrats are the ones who use ignorance to push agenda, damn the facts.