Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wisconsin Congressmen vote to erase Separation of Powers, Control the Presidency. Is that Small government?

Republicans haven’t been shy about telling us how much they hate it when people protest their kind of government. Or how much they hate the “left.” Their goal is to seek out leaders with the courage to do what would be publically unpopular.

And while Republicans were silent...even okay with President George Bush and Dick Cheney creating an all-powerful “unitary executive” president, they now want to erase the line that separates the legislative branch from the executive so they can control it. You know, just in case another black or female candidate gets in.

As unconstitutional as it may seem, it’s the GOP intentions that reveals the true party within.
Wisconsin's Republican congressmen saw nothing wrong with casting their vote to sue the president if they didn't like what he/she was doing. This is mind-boggling. According to Roll Call:
SEPARATION-OF-POWERS DISPUTE: The House on Wednesday passed a Republican bill (HR 4138) empowering one chamber of Congress to file civil actions compelling the executive branch to “faithfully execute” the law. The bill would codify a Republican narrative that several of President Obama’s executive orders and administrative actions have gone beyond what Congress authorized. Democrats counter that all presidents use discretion to implement complex laws. This bill would require congressional suits to be heard by a three-judge panel in federal court, with expedited appeals to the Supreme Court.
This amazing overreach got a big yes vote from Paul Ryan, James Sensenbrenner, Tom Petri, Sean Duffy, Reid Ribble.

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