Monday, March 10, 2014

Walker ad by GOP Governors Association pass Millionaires off as Struggling Family looking for Work.

It looks like the Republican Governors Association doesn't hang with any struggling Wisconsin families.

Check out the ad clip below, and the couple featured in the center described as a struggling family looking for work. In reality, their company income is $1.5 million a year, and their home is valued at $841,000. Struggling? But don't blame them for the con job, because the RGA ad agency had free use of their image.

Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Bice gave us RGA spokesperson Jon Thompson's incredible reason for the deception:
"The ad is no longer running on TV." Besides, Thompson argued, his group never suggested that the Korbs were scraping pennies. It's the viewers, he said … "That's an assumption," he said. "There are people looking for jobs and struggling for jobs. But we're not saying it's these exact people."
Yeah, that's the ticket, blame the viewer.

Joe and Jennifer Korb aren't down on their luck. It just appears that way on TV ... the Republican Governors Association has been running a TV ad linking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke to the state's economic woes under former Gov. Jim Doyle. "While families her struggled to find work," the ad says ... As the announcer talks about jobless Wisconsin families, a photo of a couple appears on the screen. 

The two are never identified. But it's a picture of the Korbs, who live in Madison ... help run CHT Apartment Rentals, which owns and manages 600 rental units all around Madison ... annual revenue around $1.5 million ... the Korbs' home has an estimated fair market value of $841,000. In other words — contrary to the RGA ad — the couple isn't living in the poorhouse ... Joe Korb, 47, said he would like to have his picture pulled from the ad.

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