Thursday, March 6, 2014

Educator Support for Common Core fills State Capitol.

I’m posting this to show what real Common Core support looks like, and how our go-it-alone Republican majority doesn't seem to care what people think in this state anymore.

Of all the stories I've read about Common Core, from one shoreline to the other, I've never seen stronger support for it than right here in Wisconsin. 

We can believe the paranoid ranting’s of tea party opponents who see a European conspiracy to dumb down America, or put our faith in the educators pictured here who made the trek to the Capitol to defend public education.  
jsonline: As the Senate hearing began, at least 110 Wisconsin school superintendents piled into the room — representing more than a quarter of the state's 425 school districts.

Educators launched a vigorous defense Thursday of the Common Core State Standards, with superintendents, a teacher, parent, university mathematics professor and a school board president telling a packed Capitol parlor that the new academic standards should stay.

The superintendent of the Pewaukee School District said her district's average ACT college entrance exam score has risen faster since the implementation of Common Core than any time in recent history.

Kettle Moraine teacher Terry Kaldhusdal, who was named a Wisconsin teacher of the year in 2007, said his kids were thinking more critically as a result of the new standards for English.
Another failed “accountant” and tea party alarmist State Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac) used the same meaningless reference to freedom they all do:  
“Our schools exist for many reasons," he said, "but the primary reason is to pass the keys of freedom to the next generation.”

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