Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No Secret: Racism Behind Still more Voter Restrictions.

Sen. Tim Carpenter ended the long Democratic silence on Republican racism, which the GOP has used endlessly to attacks minority voters. It’s about time for a little honesty. See them squirm and shout out their phony denials. Maybe they’ll own up to what has been obvious to most of us.

No apologies, no take backs, no stopping the drumbeat:
jsonline: In Tuesday's heated Senate session on election bills, Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) said that a Republican lawmaker "hates blacks and Latinos." Carpenter said that Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) must despise minorities because in his view several elections bills she's sponsored would limit voting in Milwaukee and other urban areas where many minority voters live.
The shocking realization sent Lazich off the deep end. Of course she was in denial:
Lazich vehemently objected. Republicans say the bills are needed to uphold a fair and accurate elections system.
This "fair and accurate elections" bullshit has run out of gas. Funny how it never gets any fairer or accurate.

Listen to the audio from WPR's Joy Cardin Show, where Sen. Glenn Grothman says he's trying to prevent the development of two classes in the state (one class has longer voting hours...etc), and Carpenter's actual comment with Lazich objecting:

But racism is at the heart of their philosophy. Republican Sen. Paul Farrow's own words; “rude,” “reprehensible,” and “personal attack” is one way of describing their voter suppression campaign in Wisconsin’s major urban areas. They just don’t see themselves that way, which is what Carpenter was getting at:
Sen. Paul Farrow (R-Pewaukee) responded that Carpenter owed Lazich an apology for his  "rude and reprehensive" comments. "A difference of philosophy does not give anyone the right to personally attack or make inflammatory and slanderous accusations regarding a legislator’s legislative intentions," he said. 
Lazich is a deeply troubled person, I mean look at what she did with sex ed and vaginal probes. And we can thank Farrow for hitching his wagon to Lazich’s racist agenda. And that goes for every Republican who will eventually prove their hate for blacks and Latinos with even more election limits. 

Surprise, Ohio is doing the same thing with voting hours. Chris Hayes could be talking about Wisconsin's newly proposed voter hours:


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  1. May I remind you that Lazich's hometown of New Berlin got sued by the Feds for not building affordable housing because "those people" might live there. And anyone with a brain knows these voter-suppression laws are based on trying to keep
    Minorities from voting, and Lazich has co-sponsored every one of them.

    If the suburban Milwaukee GOPs don't like being called racists, maybe they shouldn't favor racist things. Carpenter and the WisDems should tell them to stuff it.