Sunday, March 16, 2014

Incidental Governor Scott Walker's Cowardly Silence on controversial opposition and inaction of Oral Chemo Drug Mandate.

Walker's frighteningly memorized robotic pat answers don't always fit the situation, like his jaw dropping answer "I'm focused on worker training..." when asked about making sure cancer patients have mandated access to oral chemo drugs. Really, something is more important than that?

This is beyond words:  
Gov. Scott Walker has heard more about the chemotherapy proposal in recent days but is focused on his "worker training bill and his Blueprint for Prosperity" — the governor's $541 million tax cut bill, spokeswoman Jocelyn Webster said. He will consider the chemotherapy measure "when and if" it reaches his desk, she said.
It was revealed the senate and assembly leaders are shelving action on the drug because, as a party, they oppose "mandates" more than they care about saving lives.

This from the same "party of rationing" that wouldn't mandate a lifesaving $4 newborn heart test for god's sake. NO MANDATES!!!

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