Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wisconsin GOP Fab Five vote to violate Endangered Species Act by “deeming it…compliant!!!” So there?

Again, it’s how they vote that will tell you all you need to know how Republican governance will look under their control. The Roll Call feature of the Wisconsin State Journal is one of the most important weekly wraps of GOP voting there is. There's no ambiguity in our GOP politicians positions.
There back....
It’s a shocking look into the stunning disregard for everything:
REGULATION OF MOUNTAINTOP MINING: the House on Tuesday passed a GOP bill (HR 2824) to retain mountaintop-mining regulations from the George W. Bush administration that a federal judge struck down in February on grounds they violate the Endangered Species Act. Issued in December 2008, what is known as the “Stream Buffer Zone Rule” curbs but does not prohibit the coal industry’s practice of dumping fractured rock and other waste from blasted mountaintops into adjacent streams and valleys. In part, this bill would “deem” the Bush-era rules in compliance with the Endangered Species Act. The Obama administration is drafting replacement regulations.
I'm not sure how "deeming" something legal changes what has been determined to be a violation, but....guess who voted yes? The free market five: Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Petri, Duffy, Ribble. 

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