Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Burke Squashes Walker like a bug on Jobs Plan, reduces Walker to 8th Grade Level.

The gloves are off, and Walker's Democratic opponent for governor set a higher bar than Walker ever did.

In fact, Mary Burke's detailed 40 page report completely flattened WISGOP's ridiculous talking points for the past 3 months. Burke even called Walker's jobs plan a bad 8th grade term paper. Love it:

WKOW: Mary Burke released her plan for making that happen Tuesday, while also taking a few shots at Gov. Scott Walker's (R-Wisconsin) performance on jobs. 

Burke unveiled the 40-page "Invest For Success" jobs plan in front of a large crowd that gathered at Marquette University Law School for On The Issues with Mike Gousha.  "I brought my plan along and I brought Governor Walker's plan from 2010," Burke told the Marquette audience.  "This is four pages.  You know, I've seen 8th grade term papers that have more work put into them."
Here's nice coverage of Walker's deer in the headlights response, and his desperate looking promise to release his own "detailed" response in a few months (can't be outdone by a female Democrat) Ah, Scott, you had three years and all we got was your lousey 8 pages and WEDC.

Burke's best response to TREK outshoring jobs:
"You know, I'm running for Governor. I'm not the CEO of Trek"

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  1. The Desperado Tell,

    Notice the wrinkled forehead, (watch Paul Ryan too) a neural/muscular response to stressful situations where one is attempting to distract, or cover their ass or simply lie straight into someone else's face.

    The wrinkled forehead supposedly denotes seriousness, sincerity or a thoughtful and considered response to the questioner or the discussion. The more wrinkled the facial expression the more extreme the attempted bluff (as in poker).