Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Republicans cancel Weekend Voting, Limit Hours in Big Cities, and fund Rural Voting and Limit Urban Voting. More Changes to come.

Yesterday I posted a video showing how Ohio took the same steps as Wisconsin Republicans, by leveling out the hours statewide to vote. Never mind cities have so many more voters. In their small brains they either don’t get it or just like acting pretty stupid.
jsonline: Republican state senators narrowly approved bills Wednesday to end weekend voting before elections … Clerks would not be able to hold early voting during all of that period because they would be limited to allowing a total of 45 hours of early voting a week … the measure would level the playing field for urban and rural areas because rural clerks don't have the staff to keep the long hours that cities do.
Madison, Waukesha and Milwaukee taxpayers will now be paying for rural early voting? I can’t tell you how many times I hear conservatives whine about their money going  to pay for someone else’s stuff, like health care and food stamps. Now they’re okay funding rural communities that are too cheap to pay for their own elections?
The Senate amended the bill to have the state pay half the expenses for rural municipalities offering early voting. That provision would cost about $200,000, and Assembly leaders have not signed off on it.
Am I the only one who doesn't want conservative rural voters canceling my ballot, on my dime?

I can’t stress enough that our Republican Authorities have only just begun to do away with election. The Journal Sentinel noticed too:
It is the second set of limits on early voting Republicans have pursued since taking control of state government in 2011. That year, Walker and GOP lawmakers cut back the early-voting period from three weeks, including three weekends, to two weeks, including one weekend.
Year after year the GOP will continue to neutralize the effect of our elections. Is this what they meant by freedom and liberty?

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