Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ryan thinks feeding school kids empties their soul, and other mindless cruelties.

Paul Ryan is running on empty "false premises." He's got nothing else, so instead of trying to defend his agenda, he created straw man targets to shoot at.

Ryan's sparsely attended CPAC speech had 3 false premises. Red meat to stir up the small crowd, who by the way didn't applaud or appear to believe him. Can we say it? Ryan is over the top.

False Premise #1: Freedom not to Work! Ryan is still using the already debunked "people don't have to work" lie. People might pursue their own business plans, work parttime or take care of their kids...but not working? Is Ryan clueless? Of course not. He's lying.

False Premise #2: The Left Offers a Full Stomach but an Empty Soul: We're talking about free hot lunch for kids at school, living at or under the poverty line. Two years ago, my elementary and middle school sons had empty souls. Funny thing, we didn't guilt trip them about lunch. We can thank Ryan for telling us about the kind of people that still work under Scott Walker. Just a ridiculous story when you think about it. It starts off with "Once..."
RYAN: The Left is making a big mistake here. What they're offering people is a full stomach and an empty soul ... You know, this reminds me of a story I heard from Eloise Anderson. She serves in the cabinet of my buddy Gov. Scott Walker. She once met a young boy from a very poor family. And every day at school, he would get a free lunch from a government program. He told Eloise he didn't want a free lunch. He wanted his own lunch. One in a brown paper bag, just like the other kids. He wanted one, he said, because he knew a kid with a brown paper bag had someone who cared for him. This is what the Left does not understand.
Ryan might want to give the kids parents a hike in the minimum wage.

UPDATE: The story above is even another Ryan lie, as reported by Daily Kos:
It turns out, that touching story is actually from a book about a kid in New York City in the 1980s, and the lunches he was getting for free were not from the government, they were from an ad sales rep who befriended him ... the Miss Laura and now-adult Maurice of the story are advocates on child hunger, and let's just say they are not out campaigning against free school lunches. No, they're partnering with No Kid Hungry on a mission that includes "connect[ing] kids in need to effective nutrition programs like school breakfast and summer meals."
Ryan posted a notice on Facebook saying, “I regret failing to verify the original source of the story.” But this comment nailed RyanSherry Edwardson“You feel that way yourself Ryan or you wouldn't have repeated it. Quit passing the buck!”

False Premise #3: People just want a life of Comfort: No one ever said that. Sadly, he sincerely believes this. He's obsessed with keeping the poor from hammocks and comfort.
National Review Online praised his argument with the headline, "Paul Ryan's Moving Story That Explains the Difference Between Hard Work and Dependency." On Fox's Happening Now, correspondent Carl Cameron characterized Ryan's speech as taking a "middle-of-the-road tone." Ryan's comments fit in well with conservative media's history of shaming the poor, and in particular, free school lunch programs for children of low-income families. In the past, Fox has even suggested children be forced to work for their meals.
Media Matters put this together, comparing Ryan to...Rush? Yes:

These Two Charts say Ryan is Wrong Again:


  1. Very interesting diatribe from Paul Ryan. Just a few blocks from Paul's house in Janesville there is a grade school where the "free lunch" children have gone from just 24% of the kids, to 64% today: Adams School. Rather than villifying "the left", how about Paul actually serves the people in his District, by DOING something about it, as he and his buddy Scott Walker have seeming control of the State of WI? Between Paul's government paychecks of being a career politician and his family's construction business receiving government contracts, he's been on the government dole ALL HIS life! (Social Security benefits, life-time government worker, road construction pork barrels.) Paul, who paid the Law Enforcement security bill, for 24 hour protection on your Janesville home, during your failed bid for White House? 24/7 for 6 weeks there were at LEAST 5 LEOs on duty around his home: Janesville P.D., Rock County Sheriff, WI State Patrol + Secret Service!? He kicked that security bill to the tax payers!! How much was it-nobody will DISCLOSE!

  2. Born into a wealthy family, another lifetime politician lectures the rest of us about hard work -- Empty suit, empty mind, empty soul. It's no wonder that Republicans had to gerrymander the hell out of his district to keep him in office. The hilarious thing is that he is what passes in Republican circles as a 'serious thinker', with every single idea poached from a moldy copy of 'Atlas Shrugged'.

  3. A simple brown paper bag and a six hundred dollar bottle of wine.
    Does Paul Ryan still belong to the human race, or is he made of a finer clay than the rest of us.
    Perhaps Paul Ryan claims of physical and moral superiority should be tested. We should ask him to throw himself from the Washington monument to see if angels will break his fall.

    Wish I had read this before posting