Thursday, March 27, 2014

Koch Brothers Money now Poisoning the Political Environment in Iron County. What next, the water?

The iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin is getting an influx of Koch brothers money...and they have absolutely no interest, or really anything to gain in our state, so says Scott Walker. 

MAL Contends has been covering this story extensively from every angle and wrote this just recently:
The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting the Koch Brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is dropping over a 1,000 political pamphlets defaming residents in Iron County as "anti-mining radical(s)" in an effort to elect pro-mining members of the Board of Supervisors in the April 1 election. (Verberg) ... "A well-funded Wisconsin conservative group is blasting seven county board candidates in sparsely populated Iron County, calling them 'radical anti-mining' environmentalists," reports Verberg.

No election is too small for the Koch brothers, and they are wreaking havoc on a planetary scale.
All In with Chris Hayes noticed, and talked to The Progressive Magazine's Ruth Conniff about it:


  1. Yes. They're here. If you have the time please look into the Eau Claire city council race. There are ties to Saxon, Wi.

  2. About poisioning the water the answer is Yes. Because the House Republicans just voted to legalize coal ash and other mining waste products dumping into lakes, rivers and streams.