Friday, March 28, 2014

Walker's one party authority admits intimidation works, worth the money. Opposition will not be tolerated.

Wow, in response to a court order, the DOJ's cost-benefit analysis of arresting protesters at the Capitol avoided the use of...numbers!!! The arrests are being made based on rightwing authoritarian “principles,” like silencing their opposition and discouraging dissent. Leaders lead, they don’t need to listen.

In what is a shockingly irresponsible display of partisanship, AG J.B. Van Hollen didn't bother to fulfill a judge’s simple request:
WEAU: Dane County Circuit Judge Peter Anderson asked DOJ in January to provide a cost-benefit analysis of pursuing so many citations.

(The DOJ) didn't offer any numerical data, saying instead that legislators concluded the benefit of access rules that protect Capitol visitors outweighs enforcement costs and prosecutors have great discretion on what cases to pursue.
They also avoided outrage over all that wasted taxpayer money. 

No word yet on the judges reaction. 
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