Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My God!!! She's Back, Waukesha's walking Disaster Kathy Nicholaus to oversee their upcoming Election Again!

Nothings ever too bizarre or completely irresponsible for conservative stronghold Waukesha. Is there no penalty for screwing up past elections? 

Remember this:
WISN: Former Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus drew statewide criticism for failing to include votes from Brookfield in a 2011 supreme court race that resulted in a recount.
Well, she was asked back by one crazy SOB, Republican Waukesha Supervisor Joe Banske:
Kathy Nickolaus has found herself in a new position as clerk-treasurer for the city … she is in charge of another election.
According to Banske:
"There is no question in my mind that Kathy has the skill set needed to execute a flawless election here in the town of Waukesha.”
And get this, Nicholaus will have an up close chance to watch the results of her own race for County Board. For someone in a party that hates government so much, she sure loves the benefits doled out to her by taxpayers:
The clerk-treasurer position is interim and ends May 1. Meanwhile, Nickolaus is also running for Waukesha County Board of Supervisor in the 2nd District. She will find out if she wins that seat April 1.


  1. John, you're not naive to think that Walkershaw County GOP care about anything other than helping the party, do you? Competence in government? Fair elections? Such a quaint concept.

    The FIBs think Waukesha County is a disgustingly corrupt machine.

  2. Republicans may have neutralized any gain they thought they might have made.

    The crown jewel is still voter ID, that's why Walker is adamant about holding a special session to save it.