Saturday, March 8, 2014

Scott Walker, Americans for Prosperity, Tea Party, Glenn Beck’s 9/12ers reshaped Wisconsin into what it is today and will be tomorrow!!!

RNC Chair Reince Priebus:

“How did we do it in Wisconsin? The simplest way I can tell you is we had total and complete unity between the state party, quite frankly, Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party groups, the Grandsons of Liberty. The (Glenn Beck-instigated) 9/12ers were involved. It was a total and complete agreement that nobody cared who got the credit, that everyone was going to run down the tracks together.”

Yes, Reince is back in our world again to prank and cause political mischief. The only way to stop him was revealed in this Onion article:

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  1. Actually, having the Wisconsin GOP have "total unity" with AFP/Koch and "independent" Tea Party groups is ILLEGAL, and seems to be the subject of John Doe Deux.

    Why would Reince admit this? Was he on the sauce a little early yesterday?