Thursday, March 6, 2014

Incidental Governor Walker hangs back, let's Legislature take heat over his own plan to Kill Common Core.

Killing Common Core gets the low information tea party vote at the expense of our kids. And isn't that worth the price of winning reelection? Scott Walker thinks so, to the point he had his staff write a new set of standards that puts public education in the hands its enemy, Republican legislators.

Unless Republican parents of kids in public schools are so repulsed by Walker’s actions that they vote Democratic, we’re setting ourselves up for decades of possible decline, partisan debates and the loss of taxpayer accountability.

This is all so unnecessary.
The Incidental Governor: Without publically pushing it, Walker isn't about to say anything controversial or divisive. As usual, he’s hiding his position from the public so his rubber stamp legislature takes the heat while still doing his bidding. It’s his MO.

And true to form, Walker will again ignore pubic opposition under the guise of “leadership,” where his decisions may not be popular, but he's doing it for our own good.
jsonline: District superintendents, university education professors, school board members and representatives of groups such as the Wisconsin State Reading Association are scheduled to hold a news conference in the Capitol to oppose Senate Bill 619 before it gets a hearing in the Senate Education Committee … Lawmakers could accept and amend standards the committee recommended, even if the state superintendent didn't agree.

The School Administrators Alliance organized the news conference, saying the proposal would throw out the expertise and expense the state has put into investing in new college and career-ready standards, which are tied to new state tests coming out this year.

Vukmir and Farrow say … Wisconsin can do better than the "one size fits all" expectations.
But isn't a statewide “one size fits all” Wisconsin standard, dictated by Madison Republicans, the same thing? 

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  1. I guess Walker couldn't meet the standards necessary to get an undergrad degree no wonder why Bradley Foundations biggest flunkie Walker is pushing to lower the bar.