Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Clinging to the past, WMC loyalty to Coal Industry may cost the state money, jobs.

You've got to be kidding. We're now expected to treat as serious research, a right wing think tanks study predicting big job losses due to coal regulation? The Heritage Foundation is the same group that created the basic structure of the Affordable Care Act, mandate and all, and later denounced it as unconstitutional. Yea, whatever's convenient guys.

The low life lobbyists at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, who are dead set on clinging to the 20th century fossil fuel model of coal in our state, are now whining about the cost of keeping coal as an energy source. What the...?

Never mind the millions of premature deaths caused by coal pollution.
Kurt Bauer, President/CEO of Wisconsin’s Chamber of Commerce – WMC – issued the following statement regarding the study’s findings:
The war on coal will hit Wisconsin’s employers and families harder than those in any other state. These EPA policies, which will have little to no impact on global climate, are sapping the lifeblood of our manufacturing economy. In light of these newly found results, WMC once again calls on the EPA to consider the impact its regulations will have on thousands of working Wisconsin families and job creators.”
After reading stories like this, I often try to imagine what our countryside and air would look like if these guys were in charge. China may be the closest example of their environmental position, from Market to Market:

This is the price of doing nothing:

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