Saturday, March 8, 2014

Walker "pushes back"…against the truth? Nice try Journal Sentinel and PolitiFact!

Walker is stumped and confused! He’s outraged by the clever truth in Mary Burke's first ad.

Scott Walker is playing dumb, along with the media (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/PolitiFact). How else can you explain this embarrassing headline: “Scott Walker pushes back…!!!”  

Is Mary Burke is lying? No, but she's being very clever. PolitiFact naively joined in this this: 
Only if you think we're that dumb...
“…the ad claims unemployment is higher under Walker and provides figures indicating an increase from 4.8 percent to 6.2 percent. But the rate was much higher than 4.8 percent when Walker took office and it has gone down, not up, during his tenure … But the ad gives no indication that that is the comparison she is making.”
Funny, I knew what she was saying. I also thought it was a great jab at the Republican Governors Associations play on words blaming Doyle and Burke for the Great Recessions job losses (Politifact rated this MOSTLY FALSE). It's the same false message Walker's been using for years. Two could play that game, but in Burke's case, she didn't have to lie about it.

Burke Fact: Unemployment under Walker is UP from the time Mary Burke served:
“Burke served as state commerce secretary from 2005 to 2007, and during that time the average annual unemployment rate was never higher than 4.8% … ‘The Walker camp cannot dispute that there were more jobs, and unemployment was lower, when she was commerce secretary than during Walker's time as governor.’”
Then the Walker campaign again used the "mostly false" Great Recession lie to "push back:"
"With a job creation record as abysmal as Burke's, it comes as no surprise she would mislead voters," said Stephan Thompson, Walker's campaign manager.
Typical of the Right Wing Authoritarian movement: Walker tries to Censor the Ad: 
Walker's campaign filed complaints Friday with television stations urging them to remove the ads for inaccuracies about the unemployment rate.

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