Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wisconsin GOP Ugly #1: Walker Emails Joke and Ruthlessly Dismiss Teen Death; Ignore Gun Problems at Clinic, Blame Unions Instead!

It’s hard to imagine any voter tolerating the following incredibly bizarre, insensitive, ruthless email exchanges below, but we'll see election day when Wisconsinites cast their votes. Maybe they won’t mind being lumped in with the ghouls Scott Walker felt comfortable with in his administration.

Add these email exchanges to the many, including the callous disregard for a family trying to settle with the county over their daughters tragic starvation death.

This isn't just about the loathsome people Scott Walker surrounded himself with, but a prevailing conservative mindset that’s okay with cutting food stamps, veterans benefits, public safety, unemployment, minimum wages, gay bashing, veiled racism etc.. From WSJ's On the Capitol
Example 1: While discussing a fatal Milwaukee parking garage collapse, ex-Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch joked with a friend — who had complained about the headlines after the tragedy … “You mean Scott didn't push that slab on top of the kid so he could play Guilliani? (sic)” Rindfleisch wrote.

In another exchange, Rindfleisch told her friend Kelly Teelin, a Madison paralegal, that she was looking forward to a social event. To which Teelin responded, “Why, what happened yesterday besides the parking lot falling on some kid.”

Example 2: After Milwaukee County Board member Lynne DeBruin wrote a letter to Walker calling for more security at the county behavioral health department’s walk-in clinic because of incidents in which patients brought in weapons, Walker’s staff discussed ways to defuse the problem.

Tim Russell, the county’s housing director and part of Walker’s inner circle, responded by email: “Lynne is a wholly owned (subsidiary of the) nurses union. These complaints are their agitating, either for more staff or something else. Cindys suggestion to have (county lawyer Tim) schoewe put the fear of god into her and remind her (of her policy) making role would be good. Or a large truck.” 
Walker is in on this bit of union bashing at the expense of clinic safety:
Walker, who was copied on the email, responded: “Yes. Tim S should talk to her.”
Even though a recent poll found overwhelmingly support for Democratic issues, voters still favored Republicans candidates in the November elections.

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Anonymous said...

SOME KID??? I am sickened by the callousness of both Walker's inner circle and Walker's go to legal firm. Neither should be allowed to take ANY taxpayer dollars for any reason. They cannot be decent, impartial and caring of constituents. SOME KID??? Seriously - this is unforgivable. Both of those women along with Walker will rot in hell.