Friday, February 28, 2014

Has Scott Walker always had a Secret Personal Email System since first becoming county executive?

Was Scott Walker's secret email system actually an updated speedier version than the one deputy chief of staff Tim Russell had installed back in 2002? Did Walker fine tune and get used to a separate confidential email system bypassing public accountability? 

Gov. Scott Walker's Milwaukee County executive office was using a secret Internet system as early as 2002, according to a former county administrator who said he helped set up the network.

That's several years earlier than prosecutors disclosed ... Milwaukee County human resources assistant director Bob Kiefert said he was called into Walker's office in 2002 by then-deputy chief of staff Tim Russell. Kiefert showed Russell how to set up a hard-wired Internet connection using a DSL modem and a telephone line. The network allowed county executive staff to send and receive emails and surf the Web outside the public system set up by the county's Information Management Services Division in 1998.

"They didn't trust the IMSD county system to be the pathway or the gateway through which their emails went," Kiefert said in an interview. "They wouldn't have control of those emails." Kiefert, now retired and a Democratic Party activist in Green Bay who runs a website called Green Bay Progressive, first disclosed that he helped set up the system in a blog entry last week
Here's where Scott Walker gets involved...kinda:
Kiefert said he never spoke with Walker directly about the system but said Russell brought him to Walker's office to be thanked personally for his help. Walker, who was on the phone, looked up, smiled and waved, he said. "There was no talk of how they were going to use it for campaigning or anything like that," Kiefert said. "Russell made it clear I was doing a favor for Scott Walker."
 It's unclear what became of the system Kiefert said he set up for Walker in 2002 or whether it was abandoned or became part of the later system discovered by prosecutors two years ago. Investigators found evidence in one of the county executive's offices that the system involved a 3G broadband Internet connection and wireless router, and an AT&T broadband account paid for by Russell with a service start date of Oct. 16, 2009. Kiefert said the 3G broadband network described in the complaint is a faster, more modern version of the equipment he helped install in 2002.

Kiefert said investigators never contacted him about what he knew about the earlier version of the system.


  1. Governor Desperado had a secret system in the Governor's office also.

  2. Scott Walker has been shown time and time again to be a liar. Why would anyone trust his word?? Let's get a conviction on Walker before his son Matt (creepy like Dad ) starts trying to get a government job working for Daddy.