Friday, August 2, 2013

Wisconsin hires Illinois Auditor to watch over our state's "Job Creator?" Only under Walker does this make sense.

If you don’t like the audit, pick a new auditor. It’s that simple.

And for all the Scott Walker talk about the horrors of doing business in Illinois, isn't it ironic the administration hired an Illinois firm as the auditor of our state’s job creating corporation? My head is spinning:
BizJournal: Sikich LLP, which took ownership of Kolb & Co. as of Thursday, has been named the new audit firm for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. Sikich, based in Naperville, Ill., was selected in a competitive bidding process that also included incumbent Schenck SC of Green Bay (who) authored an audit of WEDC in December 2012 that found “material weaknesses” in several areas, including financial transactions that were either not recorded or improperly recorded.

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