Thursday, August 1, 2013

GOP Fascism Explained....

I ran across the blog The Feisty Moderate, who's done their homework detailing why conservatives have turned fascist. He's been reading my mind. I'm featuring just a small sample here. Let's start with labor:
Why Today’s GOP is Becoming Fascist – Part I. Of course, “Right to Work” (for less) has weakened private unions almost out of existence. In the process “in states that have adopted RTW, annual wages and benefits are about $1,500 lower than for comparable workers in non-RTW states—for both union and nonunion workers.” But it’s a lot easier to evoke anger (and steer you away from the grossly disproportionate CEO salaries) when you don’t see people as nurses and firefighters but members of a group (unions) that the corporations, the wealthy and their politicians have told us are the problem. This “us against them” mentality evokes a reaction of “if I can’t have it, neither can you!” rather than “hey, I want that, too!” For the GOP (the party disproportionately funded by corporations and the wealthy), this is a success because while we’re blaming workers, their CEOs and their companies are making record-breaking profits. Not only that, but while workers have become much more productive we haven’t been compensated for it at all.

On the war on women:
Does the phrase “the GOP’s war on women” ring a bell? Record numbers of anti-choice/pro-life laws in 2011. Defunding Planned Parenthood. Wanting to redefine rape so that exceptions to abortion laws only count when physical force was used during the rape (goodbye, drug or alcohol induced rape and most date rapes). Stay at home moms need “the dignity of work” (but only if they’re poor). Requiring women to justify the reason they’re on the pill if their employer asks, or even letting their employer refuse coverage altogether at their whim. Not to mention all the sexist comments.

The Liberal Press:
In April of 1971, Richard Nixon wrote “I cannot emphasize too strongly my feeling that much mroe than any single issue that we are going to emphasize, the discrediting of the press must be our major objective over the next few months” (President Nixon by Richard Reeves). I could go on. In fact, this could be an entire post of its own! But let’s just say that there’s a reason that you often hear members of the GOP cry “liberal media bias” and it’s not because it’s true – it’s because they want you to believe that it’s true. And hey, if it bullies the mainstream media into actually having a conservative bias (for fear of being accused of having a liberal one), even better! After all, if they’ve convinced you to give equal weight to everything regardless of objective facts, they can convince you of anything. Right? 
There's so much more too, so check out the link above. And it's only part 1.

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  1. It's not an exaggeration to state that Republicans are waging a war on all the progressive reforms of the 20th century including but not limited to: (1)Public education (2)Labor rights (3)Women's rights (4)Civil rights (5)Voting rights (6)Free speech (7)Separation of Church and State (8)Public health (9)Clean air and water (10)Freedom of intellectual inquiry and scientific research.

    In other words, like their brethren, the Islamic Jihadists, they are waging a war on modernity itself.