Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rep. Joel Kleefisch intentionally wants cross bow hunting near schools and hospitals. He's got a bill to prove it.

Rep. Joel Kleefisch, the wacky other half of our daffy Lt. Gov. Rebecca, must be kidding. When I heard this story on the news tonight, it didn't sound possible someone would want to encourage hunting near schools and hospitals. Who would think to create a special exemption for crossbows? Sure it might sound like one of those "great ideas," between drinks and taking a tumble down the steps in a drunken stupor, but most people sober up eventually. Crossbow and bow and arrow hunting near schools and hospitals? Brilliant.

Here's the jaw-dropping WKOW story:

Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) is the lead author of an Assembly bill that would exempt crossbows from a state law that prohibits hunting within 1,700 feet of a school or hospital. Under Assembly Bill 8, which Rep. Kleefisch introduced last Friday, the 1,700 feet provision would only apply to people hunting with a firearm, not to crossbow or bow and arrow hunters.

Reached by phone Monday morning, Rep. Kleefisch said the goal of the bill is to make sure more children have access to archery and bow hunting. Rep. Kleefisch said that while bullets from a firearm can travel for miles, the longest range for a bow and arrow or crossbow is 300 to 450 feet.
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