Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rubio's Big Gulp!!!

Marco Rubio was a basket case throughout his response to the presidents State of the Union speech. His throat tightened up, his mouth dried out and he couldn't stop brushing sweat off his face. Smooth. But the big gulp heard around the our living rooms was priceless. Did he think we couldn't see him?

It's almost a joke how Republican pundits immediately spun Rubio's disaster as the best response speech they've ever seen. And when they did mention it the water gulp moment, they chuckled about good ol' Rubio, who was just human, a normal guy.  

Here's a few Tweets that said it best:
1. Rubio was a disaster. He sounded nervous. His lunge for the water was jaw-droppingly amateurish. I'm amazed someone of his age can be such an ideologue.

2. So tap water like the common folk wasn't good enough for him? What an elitist! And he reads from a teleprompter too.

3. What? Not a mention of the awkward water grab (with eyes still on camera like a guilty kid getting away with something)? That's all I'm ever going to remember about this speech. It wasn't just the water was the flop sweat and the weird tongue thing...the whole package: he looked like he was running for student council president. He should have reached for a mojito.

4. oh god - too funny!!! Rubio was a joke. Was he choking on his own words. 

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