Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Walker's Orwellian Big Brother takeover of Milwaukee. What he couldn't do as County Executive.

Big government Republicans continue to plow over what remains of local control. The Walker Authority wants to take away residency requirements statewide, like they did with sick pay.
WPR: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says Governor Scott Walker's plan to end residency requirements for local government employees is an example of the state acting as an Orwellian "Big Brother." "For the state to now swoop in and wipe out our home authority is the very definition of Big Brother government. This is not the way to govern. [applause] And I am asking the state legislature to leave residency a local issue: take it out of the budget."

More than 100 Wisconsin communities have local residency laws.
The completely out-of-control and unstoppable Walker Authority has decided to centralize government while it can, from the top down, with the assumption Republicans will never lose power.

Flip Flop: And what about Scott Walker’s past support of residency requirements? How would he explain away that?  
He also says he supported residency laws as Milwaukee County Executive, because he thought that the Milwaukee County Board would not change the law.
He's blaming the county board? Amazing? Conservative voters and radio talkers will be completely happy with that nonsensical pass-the-buck answer. 

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